Sonic Architecture

- Concept Development
- Project Coordination

Commissioned by: Stichting Museumnacht Amsterdam (n8)

Artists: Carolien Teunisse [Lucidlien] - visuals, Luuk Meuffels [Lume] - visuals, Robin Koek - sound design

Location: Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam

Every year the 'Museumnight Amsterdam' (n8), that welcomes a total of 26 000 visitors in approx 45 museums, has a grand opening in one of the participating museums. The night is opened with a independent audiovisual artwork that fits the spirit of the museumnight and is presented to approx 1000 people, including sponsors, artists, museum direction and paying visitors.

This year n8 and studio Lapien set up a collaboration between upcoming visual artists Luuk Meuffels en Carolien Teunnise and sound designer Robin Koek. WIth a 8 speakers surround audio setup, projections on one of the huge walls of the inner building and use of the 850 leds in the ceiling, this was a truly remarkable and extraordinary art piece that presented contemporary art influences and new techniques attractively to a bigger audience.

With three shows, each time with a 1000+ visitors, lots of press attention and a short preview on Dutch national news on television we reached out to a lot of people.


Sonic Architecture - Museumnacht Opening from DEFRAME on Vimeo.